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Sonja K. Goernitz

Bachelor of Arts in Librarianship, Master of Arts in International Communication

Passionate Diarist

Summer 2018


Leben nach Korsakow: Danke für das Bedingungslose Grundeinkommen
Freelance journalist moves into a retirement home at 44 to spend time with her father.
This modern fairy tale is available as an ebook, e.g. at Thalia.
EAN: 9783740746490, German, illustrated


Prost Kaffee: Biografiearbeit im Altenheim
Father and daughter catch up on what they had missed out on before.
The biography (Vol. I) is available as a paperback, e.g. at Thalia.
ISBN: 978-3740714512, German, illustrated


Updated: 17.6.2019