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Sonja Katharina Goernitz

+++ BA in Librarianship, MA in International Communication +++

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My New Book:

Leben nach Korsakow: Ein Plädoyer für das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen
(Life after Korsakow: An Argument for the Unconditional Basic Income)
A tenacious freelance journalist moves after 17 years in Sydney
back to Germany to spend time with her finally sober but
partially paralysed father at his retirement home in the country.
Available in book stores and online, ISBN: 978-3740731458
104 pages, 55 photos, eBook: 7,99 Euro for a short time
Leben nach Korsakow (German) at Amazon
2nd edition: September 2017


Prost Kaffee: Biografiearbeit im Altenheim
About my father's childhood (19391945, mostly in Berlin)
Available in book shops and online, ISBN: 978-3740714512
180 pages, 100 photos, 540 endnotes, 9.99 Euro
Prost Kaffee (German) at Amazon.com


My short film Spurensuche about my father's connection to Hamburg
 (created in the course "Documentary Film-making for Beginners" of Journalisten Akademie, from 18 to 22 April 2016 in Hamburg)

Updated: 19.10.2017