E05. Books

Some of my books
2017: Leben nach Korsakow: Ein Plädoyer für das Bedingungslose Grundeinkommen (Life after Korsakow: An Argument for the Unconditional Basic Income), Twentysix; a fairy tale for adults
2016: Prost Kaffee: Biografiearbeit im Altenheim, Twentysix; my father, Joachim Görnitz, and I created this book together in Burg, Dithmarschen (Germany).
2013: Meine zarten Nerven: Seefahrt 1955–1987, Blurb; I created this book for my father showing his photos of his work at sea.
2011: Write, Publish & Market Your Own Book in Australia+, Albumworks; edited and launched by Deb Doyle, with live music by Leighton B. Watts, in Sydney (10.12.2011).
2008: Tagebuch 3*, BOD; Rudolf Hermann (author and correspondent for Neue Zürcher Zeitung) wrote the foreword to this book; released at the Leipzig Book Fair.
2007: Tagebuch 2*, BookSurge/CreateSpace; Barbara Barkhausen (author and correspondent, e.g. for brandeins) wrote the foreword to this book and launched it with Peter FitzSimons as the guest of honour in Sydney (21.3.2007).
2006: Tagebuch 1*, BookSurge/CreateSpace; Peter FitzSimons wrote the foreword to my first book and launched it in Sydney (11.10.2006).

* Cover art by Carlos Barrios
+ Includes photos by Don Fuchs

Prost Kaffee can be ordered in book stores and online (10 Euro).