E05. Books

My books (selection)
2017: Leben nach Korsakow: Ein Plädoyer für das Bedingungslose Grundeinkommen ("Life after Korsakow: An Argument for the Unconditional Basic Income"), Twentysix; a modern fairy tale in three acts
2016: Prost Kaffee: Biografiearbeit im Altenheim, Twentysix; my father and I created this book together
2013: Meine zarten Nerven: Seefahrt 1955–1987, Blurb; photo book showing my father's photos of his work at sea
2011: Write, Publish & Market Your Own Book in Australia+, Albumworks; edited and launched by Deb Doyle, with live music by Leighton B. Watts, in Sydney (10.12.2011)
2009: Drinks, Dicks & Diaries, BOD/Lulu
2008: Tagebuch 3*, BOD; Rudolf Hermann (author and correspondent for Neue Zürcher Zeitung) wrote the foreword to this book; released at the Leipzig Book Fair.
2007: Tagebuch 2*, BookSurge/CreateSpace; Barbara Barkhausen (author and correspondent, e.g. for brandeins) wrote the foreword to this book and launched it together with Peter FitzSimons as the guest of honour at the Löwenbräu in Sydney (21.3.2007).
2006: Tagebuch 1*, BookSurge/CreateSpace; Peter FitzSimons wrote the foreword to my first book and launched it at Gleebooks in Sydney (11.10.2006).

* Cover art by Carlos Barrios
+ Includes photos by Don Fuchs