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Bruce Lyman and I met at Argus Solutions in 2004. At the time I produced the Writers magazine and published his travel story about China in it. With the interest in writing in common, Bruce and I became and remained friends over the years, talking a lot about books over many cups of coffee.

Bruce founded the Fast Twitch writers' group and invited me as a guest speaker at the first meeting. I edited their anthology, also edited Bruce's novel based on his trips to Iraq (Bruce worked in the Air Force and for ASIO in his earlier life – or "lives").

We travelled to Peter FitzSimons's launch of A Simpler Time in Peats Ridge together, where I introduced Bruce and Peter's then senior editor from HarperCollins to each other. It went from there: Bruce sent her his manuscript, she liked it and others at the publishing house did too. In 2012 Bruce's first novel, Flowers of Baghdad, is published. And HarperCollins is keen to read more of Bruce's books that he is working on.

Photo: Bruce with the very first copy out of the box from HarperCollins

Reviews of Flowers of Baghdad

First anthology by the Fast Twitch writers' group

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