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Allan Hickey wrote an autobiography about his adventurous life. I edited the manuscript and helped publishing his book.

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Sonja Goernitz has been a patient and diplomatic editor. She has removed millions of commas and corrected thousands of spelling mistakes. She has the great talent of being able to rearrange a sentence or paragraph to make it read so much better – in fact, much of this diary was difficult to understand for anybody but me before Sonja got her hands on it.

At my request, Sonja edited my diary in 10,000-word blocks and posted the edited hardcopy to me, so I could make the changes on my old (kerosene driven) computer. This was fraught with danger as I’m sure many of Sonja’s corrections were completely missed by me.

I happily accept full responsibility for all spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation marks in places they shouldn’t be, spaces where there shouldn’t be any and everything else that’s incorrect.


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5.0 out of 5 stars fanbloodytastic January 11, 2013By Penny

A good laugh and just as if the writer was in the room telling you himself. Get a copy and share it around.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read December 29, 2012By Naomi

Fun and easy reading of an interesting life - great story telling of a life well lived. I really enjoyed it.

ALLAN HICKEY is a first-time author. He's heard quite a few times that everybody has at least one book in them. This is his – for what it's worth!

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH started out as a diary for Allan's four children. They often asked, "When did you do that?" or "I didn't know you've been there!" Answering these questions brought back many memories, and the diary soon developed a life of its own. It now covers sixty years of life, best described as a shade out of the ordinary.

Allan’s warped sense of humour, his acute sense of irreverence and the occasional tipple helped him through the rare flat spots. The high points have pretty well looked after themselves. Allan's "strong" points are in academia, where he failed exams too numerous to mention; in romance, where he’s had knockbacks from girls on four continents; and in commerce, where he has found ground-breaking ways to lose money.

Allan's an Australian. He lives in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales near the banks of the mighty Murrumbidgee.