2000 - Laurie Smith (Sydney Olympics)

Laurie Smith put a book together about the volunteer experience at the Sydney Olympic Games. He included a photo of H.G. & Roy with me in the International Broadcast Centre, where I volunteered at the IBM Helpdesk. Their TV show "The Dream" was on every night. One US-American athlete said, he would have won gold if he had not watched the show every night.

At first I did not understand their humour. I asked Roy, "What do you mean: Atlanta was like a toilet?" He calmly looked at me and asked, "Where are you from?" – "From Germany. Why?" That night they made fun of Germans! I learned and was in the audience for their last show wearing a "fat assed wombat" T-shirt. If this sounds new to you, trust me, it all makes sense. They called some gymnastics exercises "the flat bag", "the spinning date" and "hello boys".