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Henri-Nannen-Schule (Gruner+Jahr, DIE ZEIT), Hamburg (translated):

"Ms Görnitz has learned to perform in her complex area of responsibility very quickly, also due to her friendly manner, her excellent English language skills and her great interest in journalism. We would employ Ms Görnitz again at any time and wish her all the best for her future career."

Gala (Gruner+Jahr, Norddeutsche Verlagsgesellschaft), Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz has adapted to her new role in a very short time. The tasks entrusted to her were always completed to our fullest satisfaction. Due to her dedicated cooperation and her friendly, helpful manner, she has become a valued employee by superiors and colleagues alike. Ms Görnitz leaves us today because her contract expired. We wish her all the best for the future and express our gratitude for her contribution."

Hamburger Morgenpost (Gruner+Jahr), Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz has adapted to her new role in a very short time. All tasks entrusted to her were always completed to our full satisfaction. Due to her dedicated cooperation and her friendly, helpful manner, she has become a valued employee by superiors and colleagues alike. We thank Ms Görnitz for her contribution and wish her for her professional and personal future all the best, good luck and success."

Philadelphia WEEKLY, Philadelphia

"Ms. Goernitz served as my assistant and was responsible for organizing, writing and editing the calendar section of our publication. Ms. Goernitz was a very responsible, hard working employee who was instrumental in the success of our listing. She was punctual, friendly and one of the most capable and talented assistants the paper has ever had. We would not hesitate to hire Ms. Goernitz again and would recommend her to any prospective employer."

Gruner+Jahr (News Library), Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz has adapted to her new role within a very short time and completed all tasks entrusted to her always to our full satisfaction. Her dedicated cooperation and her friendly, helpful manner made her a valued employee by superiors and colleagues."

NDR/ARD (TV News), Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz has met the tasks, which were given to her in support of the editorial and the studio directors’ teams, with much interest and commitment. Because of her helpful collegiality and ability to adjust to a fast and accurately working team, Mrs Görnitz was much appreciated by the editorial colleagues."

Bertelsmann Music Group, New York

"Sonja Goernitz is an exceptional young woman with excellent skills and an outstanding personality. She is efficient and creative and I highly recommend her as she excells at everything she does. She has leadership qualities and helped train new interns in a professional manner. She is an excellent writer and editor and I am confident she will succeed at whatever she attempts to do in the future."

AlsterRadio (editorial), Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz has been especially committed to the regional news program "Hamburg Direct". After a short time already, Ms Görnitz made her own suggestions for topics and often delivered well-researched and properly formatted news items with sound bites. Some stories were created so thoroughly that they could be aired, besides the HD news, in the ongoing program."

AlsterRadio (reception), Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz mastered the various tasks always to our complete satisfaction. Particularly noteworthy is her always friendly, even under pressure courteous manner when answering questions from listeners, clients and business partners."

Marie Claire, Munich (translated)

"Ms Görnitz presented herself always as very interested and she completed the tasks entrusted to her with great dedication to our absolute satisfaction. She was always reliable, helpful and enthusiastic. She merged into the editorial team without difficulty, so her cooperation proved to be a positive contribution in all respects."

Bild, Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz researched independently, wrote reports and articles that led to publication."

Bild, Berlin (translated)

"Ms Görnitz stands out with her wealth of ideas, creativity and originality. Within a short time, she has developed a remarkably safe style of writing. Ms Görnitz is always welcome to deepen their journalistic training with us."

Heimat-Echo, Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz carefully altered press releases to reports and some of her dedicatedly written texts could be published without hesitation. She researched diligently in the in-house archives and gathered additional information by phone for her stories. Ms Görnitz participated regularly and actively in the editorial and advertising conferences and independently acquired further theoretical knowledge about journalism. We were very satisfied with the services of Ms Görnitz. Versatile and open-minded, she took on tasks from the different areas of the publishing house and mastered them always very reliably. Thanks to her friendly nature, she was well-liked among colleagues and superiors equally."


Studies or work related to my studies

Rudolf Steiner College, Sydney

"With your assignment you have achieved a comprehensive review of the content of the course. It is great to see that you have taken care to incorporate the concepts into 'real life' situations, so as to make sense of them and put then into context. Also the references to available literature is very good, as it again provides context to the theme discussed. Your analyses are sound and show how you have taken the content on and have been living with it, studying it to understand it, even allowing it to move and be flexible rather than trying to lock it down. I congratulate you for your work and wish you happy further studies of Anthroposophy."

Macquarie University, Sydney

"Sonja's written work is of a high standard, achieving a B+ in her first assignment. The paper was extremely well researched, well structured and thoroughly argued. Had the paper taken a more critical perspective towards the readings, it would have achieved an A grade. Sonja actively participates in tutorial discussion, without prompting. Her discussion shows command of the theoretical debates within the readings. She also often integrates her personal experience in the media to each week's discussion topic. I recommend Sonja as an insightful and enthusiastic student."

Macquarie University, Sydney

"Sonja has shown an exceptional grasp of the concepts involved in the study of culture and technology. She is a very willing participant in tutorials, is diligent in reading all course material, and is highly motivated in discussing complex theoretical and practical issues. Her proposed class presentation and final assignment for this unit also display an impressive level of imagination, in finding innovative ways to explore difficult material. Sonja has international media experience as well as a solid educational background in media. From discussing various issues with Sonja, I know that she has a great interest in international media and communication matters."

University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg (translated)

"The thesis by Ms Görnitz is an extremely dedicated outstanding analytical and evaluating accomplishment, which is based on a scientific exemplary and linguistically sophisticated representation, on independent, critical thinking and on intelligent and original conclusions. The level of the very complex thesis is well above the average for comparable work and can therefore be graded with the grade 'high distinction'."

ABC ("Four Corners"), Sydney

"Sonja showed great interest in the production of 'Four Corners'. She is determined, presented innovative ideas and her friendly manner was liked by the team. It was a pleasure having Sonja with us and we benefited from her input."

ARD, German Television Network, Tokyo

"Miss Goernitz learned about the production of news and features covering Japan, Korea and the Philippines for the broadcast on ARD in Germany. She gathered insights into the rapid travels of the production team, a live broadcast of an interview from the studio and the shooting, editing and archiving of footage. She also learnt about the cooperation of the Tokyo bureau with the Headquarters in Germany and the international media."

UNICEF Australia, Sydney

"Sonja provided valuable assistance in increasing awareness of UNICEF Australia and its priority issues by presenting them to the broadcast and print media in Australia. For instance, she was assigned the task of promoting UNICEF's International Children's Day of Broadcasting. This involved contacting media and arranging participation by radio and television stations, and preparing written information for journalists. She showed herself to be a team player able to work efficiently and independently."

IBM Global Services Australia, Sydney

"Miss Goernitz performed the role of STAR Systems Administrator. The activities of this role included the administration of six STAR sites. STAR is the internal IBM Global Services Australia billing system for the Telstra Alliance account and therefore is of extreme importance to the successful billing of this organisation. It reflects highly on Miss Goernitz's performance, that she successfully undertook this challenging role. All allotted projects were completed in a most professional and timely manner. This is commendable as this system's development environment necessitates swift and accurate responses to billing database modifications. I am sorry to loose such an energetic worker, and finding a replacement with her energy and zeal will be a difficult task."

Network TEN, Melbourne

"Sonja Goernitz gained insights into various news gathering techniques, television production and office procedure. Sonja spent the first week accompanying our Camera Production Unit – out in the field. During the second week she was of great assistance to our news library, short-listing and archiving footage."

Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney

"Sonja is an industrious, cheerful and capable team-member, who is thorough and able to use her initiative. In her time with us, Sonja developed an insight into general archival theory and practice, and the Sydney Theatre Company benefited from her assistance."

SZENE HAMBURG, Hamburg (translated)

"Ms Görnitz was asked to build an electronic editorial archive for SZENE HAMBURG and create a concept for a database. With great interest and in-depth knowledge Ms Görnitz developed ideas for the project’s implementation. Her proposal for the database was approved by the publisher and installed by the programmer. For the construction of the archive Ms Görnitz had access to more than 300 editions of SZENE HAMBURG since the publisher's establishment in 1973. During the development of the archive, Ms Görnitz took research requests from colleagues and readers, and she always provided a friendly and competent service. Finally, Ms Görnitz trained colleagues in using the database, so they can work independently with the editorial archive. Ms Görnitz completed the editorial archive, which fully meets all requirements, in time for the 25th anniversary of the magazine. Ms Görnitz is a hands-on employee with a flexible and open-minded approach to new tasks. Ms Görnitz is characterised by her initiative, commitment and interest in the project. During the archive’s development Ms Görnitz worked independently, was dutiful and reliable. Ms Görnitz is a very tenacious and resilient staff member, who completed her work conscientiously, also in stressful situations. Ms Görnitz was a valued by her superiors, colleagues and customers due to her friendly and helpful manner. Ms Görnitz carried out tasks entrusted to her to our complete satisfaction. Ms Görnitz leaves SZENE HAMBURG for an extended stay abroad. We would employ Ms Görnitz again at any time. We thank Ms Görnitz for her contribution and wish her all the best for the future."