#10, Jun. 2005


  • The Sydney Writers' Festival

Autobiographical stories:

  • NYC: Hit to the Shinbone, Sonja Goernitz

  • Migration: Glenda Kwek's Path to Australia

  • Between Jobs: Lesson to Listen, Brett Kelly

Interview: John Misto, multi-award-winning Author (his new novel: The Devil's Companions)

#9, May 2005


  • Conflux 2 in Canberra

  • The 8th Annual Freelance Convention (MEAA)

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • Giving Life: It's About Love, Eva Sallis

  • Horror: Writer's Block, Richard Harland

  • At Baxter: A Peaceful Protester, Geoff Hastwell

  • Lovebirds: Married and Moved to Queensland, Norma Cato

  • Cancer: Can You Share Death? Merran Cooper

Interview: Malcolm Knox (Literary Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald, his new book A Private Man is short-listed for the 2005 NSW Premier's Literary Award)

#8, April 2005


  • Magic Casements III, NSW Writers' Centre

  • Book Launch bei gleebooks, Roslyn Arnold

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • Big familie and the perspective from "No 12": In My Dream I Screamed..., Chez Chidzey

  • Children published: Creative Kids, Edel Wigness

  • Couragous - a woman defends her ground against three men in the bush: Daybreak, Leila Bryant

  • Uplifting: Barry Flies Solo, Barry Harrison

  • Domestic Violence: Shattered - Waiting in Hospital, Marya Clifford

Interview: Mem Fox (Autor of more than 30 books for children and grown ups)

#7, March 2005


  • Writers' Week in Perth (Helen Garner, Bill Bryson and Gregory David Roberts)

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • Movement in Miami: A woman relaxed on holiday when illegal migrants came by, Terry Spring

  • Migration: Three generationen searching for "the right spot" to live, Geraldine Mackey

  • Meeting the Undertaker: A Business Trip with a Surgery, Daphne Hargreaves

  • Childhood: Memories of the Neighbourhood in Sydney in the 50s, Patricia Stone

Interview: Gabrielle Lord (Award-winning Author of 12 crime novels)

#6, Feb. 2005


  • Four desert books launched at the National Museum of Australia (NMA) in Canberra

  • Eternity exhibition and book with 50 life stories of "ordinary and extraordinary Australians" at the NMA

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • On the way to school: Boy floated in the Pacific for three days - Determination for Education by Narendra Singh

  • Kids and/or Career: A Family on Holiday in NSW (three children) by Silvana Liguori and her life story

  • Love & Passion: A Man loves His Car - Farewell my Love by Trevor Ludlow

  • A Day to Remember at School: The Stick Method by retired teacher Jim Conway

Interview: John Martinkus (Australian Reporter and Autor of four books, e.g. Travels in American Iraq)

#5, Jan. 2005


  • Launch of the Anthology Famous Reporter 30 in Tasmania

  • Michael Ariston sells his books on the Saturday Salamanca Market in Hobart

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • Extremes: Guided by an Angel? by Zainab Ali Kahiye

  • Travel: Back to Breda by Greg Bogaerts

  • Health: Write from Depression by Luis Navea

  • A Writer: Stopped after 1014 Words by Matthew Robert

  • Read 9-5 and beyond: An Agent's Point of View by Nikki Davies

Interview: Rachael Treasure (Tasmanian Autor of the Penguin bestseller Jillaroo)

#4, Dec. 2004


  • The Bookshow at the NSW Writers' Centre (plenty about self-publishing)

  • Jessie Street National Women's Library: About the library and Goldie Alexander presents some of her 25 mainly self-published books

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • Growing up in Nazi Germany, Jürgen Corleis (Foreign Correspondent in Sydney) - Listening to BBC radio in an SS Boarding School

  • It Did All Happen, Didn't It? Phyllis McDuff (Random House) - An Australian Child in Post War Vienna

  • Letter: Bread Comes Back Cake, James Hayton - Writing a Letter about a House in England during the War brought back many Letters from Others

Interview: Paul Ham (The Sunday Times and Author of Kodoka)

#3, Nov. 2004


  • The Canberra Readers & Writers Festival (Sandy McCutcheon, John Birmingham and an evening with sexy stories)

  • gleebooks: Launch of Alaisdair McGregor's biography about Frank Hurley

  • Arts Law Centre of Australia: Understanding Legal Subtext

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • Why I write? Craig Cormick (Deputy Chair of the ACT Writers' Centre in Canberra)

  • Love for Romance Writing, Melanie Milburne (Harlequin Mills & Boon)

  • Gathering Life Experience, Sonja Görnitz

Interview: Sandy McCutcheon (Author of seven books, his latest: The Haha Man)

#2, Oct. 2004


  • The Brisbane Writers' Festival (Eva Sallis, Chris Nyst, Matthew Reilly, Louis Welsh)

  • Tea in the Library: Emily Ross and Angus Holland present their book 100 Great Businesses and the minds behind them.

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories:

  • Adventures in Self-Publishing, Matthew Reilly (Pan MacMillan)

  • A Walk at Night in Beijing, Bruce Lyman (CEO, Argus Solutions)

  • Start your own Business, Carolyn Anthony (Director, Talking of Sydney Tours)

Interview: Dr. Julia Baird (Author and Opinion Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald)

#1, Sept. 2004


  • The Melbourne Writers' Festival (Peter Robb, John Martinkus, Clea Koff)

  • Tea in the Library: Judith White's lively presentation about her books on aromatherapy

  • Writers' events calendar

Autobiographical stories (by me as an example what they can be like):

  • Journal (Flight to Melbourne)

  • Migration from Hamburg to Sydney

  • Hiking in Queensland (2nd Great Walk)

Interview: John Larkin (Author of 20 books)