Feedback from authors to Writers:

Richard Harland: "Magazine looks v. good, v. professional."

Dr. Eva Sallis: "I like what you've done with it."

Douglas McPhillips: "This is a sign of the future."

Barry Harrison: "Thank you for your positive response – it is very encouraging."

Bruce Lyman: "It is a great project you have going there."

Carolyn Brocherie: "What an enterprising woman you are!"

Craig Cormick: "It looks great."

Gabrielle Lord: "Sonja, you are a marvel!"

Jürgen Corleis: "The new issue is again outstanding!"

Joan Tremelling: "My daughter intends giving me a subscription as a b'day gift. Nice, hm?"

Dr. Julia Baird: "Sounds like an interesting magazine!"

Anita Patel: "Thanks for your initiative and effort in starting this admirable publication for aspiring writers."

Phyllis McDuff: "I really like your little mag."

Leila Bryant: "I was delighted to see the photo on the front cover and the description of self."

Greg Bogaerts: "It looks great."

Melanie Milburne: "I would be delighted to write you an article about my life as a writer."

Dr. Naren Chitty: "This is very interesting. I'm sure the students will be interested."

Benython Oldfield: "Looks great. A cover for John Martinkus."

Silvana Liguori: "I received two magazines. I liked them: they're very unusual, a new concept."

Patricia Stone: "It looks like being a huge success."

Geraldine Mackey: "I'm glad my story has found a home."

Paul Ham: "Very interesting, and thanks for the coverage."

Marya Clifford: "I was thrilled to see my story amongst others of equal and varied interest."

Rachael Treasure: "I was inspired by your website. Congratulations."